GREAT LAKES Films has done several productions for international organizations, such as: Oxfam, Save the Children, World Bank, US AID, UNICEF, UNFPA, ,UNDP, UNESCO, IRC, WWF and SNV amongst others.

GREAT LAKES Films has done several service productions for international TV stations (i.e.: ZDF , SWR/Arte, La Une, CBS News, PBJ, TV Asia Pacific) and foreign production houses, (i.e.: La Direction, Born Free Media, Tiger Media, Catapult Commercials).

Selected Filmography













‘Uganda in a Changing Climate’

• 43 min. documentary on climate change adaption in Uganda.

World Bank

‘GALS Methodology’


• 26 min. documentary on Gender Action Learning Systems.


‘Keep it Real’

• 15 min. documentary on Sexual Reproductive health Education for young people.

Save the Children


‘The Second Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF2)’

• 25 min. documentary on the intervention of the Office of the Prime Minister in the peace recovery and development plan for Northern Uganda.

Office of the Prime Minister




‘Let’s Kickout Malaria,

 Data Quality Assessment & Data demand use meeting, Intergrated Support Supervision, Test and Treat – T&T Campaign, Uganda Central review Meeting’

• 5 short series on fighting malaria in Uganda.

Stop Malaria



• 10 min. documentary on solar power solutions.


‘My Health Baby : EMTCT Program in Busoga’

• Two 4min. documentaries on EMTCT Program in Busoga.



‘Earth Hour’

• 7 min. documentary about reforestation in Navugulu forest in Uganda.


‘Changing Lives’

• 45 min. image film on the work of Compassion International Uganda.

Compassion International

‘Our Oil Our Choice’

• 25 min. documentary on oil in Uganda.

Global Rights Alert




‘Village Health Clubs and Mobile Technology’

• Two 5 min. documentaries on the impact of Village Health Teams / Clubs and the use of Mobile Phone Technology to improve health service delivery.

Malaria Consortium


‘Changing Lives’

• 45 min. image film on the work of Compassion International Uganda.

Compassion International

‘External Quality Assurance’

• Two tutorial videos on TB ‘External Quality Assurance’ and ‘Referral Systems’.



‘Oil: Explosive or Lubricant?’

• 25 min. documentary on expectations of Ugandans regarding the discovery of oil in Uganda.

Global Rights Alert


‘The Clean Energy Champion District Initiative’

• 10 min. documentary on environment conservation through the use of solar lighting and energy efficient stoves.



‘Please Protect US’

• 8 min. documentary on protecting children against violence.

UCRNN/ World Vision


‘Facing the TB Challenge’

• 17 min. documentary on how TB CARE 1 project in Uganda supports already existing structures in the fight to cure and stop the spread of Tuberculosis.



‘Gorilla Water’

• 22 min. documentary on the project to construct of water tanks projects as alternative water sources in gorilla inhabited areas. gorilla water projects.

International Gorilla Conservation Programme




‘School Feeding in Uganda’

• 7 min. documentary on how promotion of community-led school feeding programmes is an integral part of Uganda’s education quality enhancement drive.

World Bank.


‘Welcome to Uganda’

• 17 min. US Mission in Kampala

US Embassy


‘Opportunities for All in Employment’

• 5 min. Infomercial on employment for all

Handicap International/NFT Consult


‘Joined for Support’

• 22 min. documentary on Joint Budget Support Framework.

The World Bank, Kampala


‘See the Ability’

• 60 sec. commercial advocacy for people with disabilities.

PV International/ LAPD/ Handicap International


‘Be Young, Enjoy Life’

• 30 sec. commercial on Family Planning

PV International


‘The Session’

• 17 min. drama on the Positive Living Profiling Tool for Health Care worker in Uganda.

HCP/Ministry of Health


‘TeBito Track’ and ‘Creating Shared Prosperity’

• Two short films on Tullow Oil’s Corporate Social Responsibility programmes in Uganda

Tullow Oil


‘The Burning Solution’

• 30 min. documentary on deforestation in the Greater Virunga region and existing and potential alternatives to charcoal, D.R.C – Rwanda – Uganda

Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration, GVTC


‘We Will Succeed!’

• Three 4-7 min. films on the holistic approach applied by Sophumelela Centre in fighting HIV/AIDS in East London, South Africa.



‘Tumaini Awards Gala Film’

• 11 min. Documentary / news-cast on the situation of children in Uganda.

World Vision/ Compassion International


‘Matibabu Journey’

• Four 3 -5 min. films on Matibabu Foundation in Western Kenya.



‘Changing Lives with Hydropower’

• 30 min. documentary on small-scale hydropower projects for rural electrification.



‘The Batwa Legacy’

• 30 min. documentary plus music videos, TV commercial and booklet on the Batwa, East Africa’s forest people.

International Gorilla Conservation Programme

‘Partnerships for Health’

• 22 min. film on the successes of public - private partnerships in the provision of health services in Uganda.

Health Initiatives for the Private Sector Project, US AID


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